The Writ and Writings of Kris Farmen

About Kris

Hardware store book signing.

Photo: Jeremy Pataky

Kris Farmen is a surfer, writer, and historian. He was born in Alaska and grew up both in a house in Anchorage and in various wall tents and plywood shacks in the bush. He has lived most of his life in Alaska, except for a two year residence in Adelaide, South Australia. His writing has appeared in numerous publications, and his first novel, The Devil’s Share, is currently available from McRoy & Blackburn. His literary influences include Annie Proulx, Stephen King, Jim Harrison, Peter Carey, Ernest Hemingway, Richard Flanagan, Italo Calvino, Jack London, Peter Matthiessen, and Cormac McCarthy, among many others.

Kris travels a lot, but the closest thing he has to a permanent home is his homestead cabin on the lower Kenai Peninsula.