The Writ and Writings of Kris Farmen

Big news is on the horizon, along with big changes to this site. After a long absence from both my website and the Twittersphere, I’m jumping back into the water, metaphorically speaking.


First, the big news. This summer I inked a contract with VPD to publish my new novel, Blue Ticket. Starting in Alaska in 1948, it’s the story of a guy leaving Alaska to go to art school in Paris. Suffice it to say he has a very difficult time getting out of Alaska, and winds up on the run across northern Canada, being chased by gangsters, the FBI, and the Mounties. I’ve been describing it to curious friends and colleagues as sort of the literary equivalent of an action-adventure flick. Think Romancing the Stone or Raiders of the Lost Ark, but with much more of an art house sensibility. Ultimately, it’s a story about being an artist and holding true to that calling, come hell or high water.


Now on to the big changes. I’ve finally decided to start using this site as more of an active tool for readers to access my work. Despite the fact that I’m still trying to get used to the idea that it’s no longer the twentieth century, I’ll be turning this site into more of a traditional blog. I’ll also be updating it with new material on more than a semi-annual basis. Exactly what kind of material I post is still under consideration, but it will likely be stuff about surfing here in Alaska and life at my off-the-grid surf shack with no running water or electricity, plus book reviews and thoughts on writing. Maybe even a few guest bloggers too. There’s other things I’m thinking about, but one thing you can be sure of, gentle reader, is that it will never be dull.


In other words, hold onto your hats.


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