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Big news! Surfing novella!

I’m very pleased to announce that my surfing novella Edge of Somewhere will be released in June in the book Weathered Edge. It’s about a surfer who gets savaged by a shark, and how the attack affects his life in the following years. More substantially, it’s a story about Alaska and Alaskans that isn’t set in Alaska, a notion I’ve been in love with for some time. The main characters, Charlie Deacon and Amy Glanton, are both Alaskan surfers living in Australia. There’s sun, sand, love, and of course, surfing. I’m more than a little stoked for this release.

I’d also be remiss not to mention the fact that when you purchase Weathered Edge, you also get two other awesome Alaska-themed novellas:  Weathered In and Sundowning, by Martha Amore and Buffy McKay, respectively. This being the digital age, it will be available in both paper and electronic format.

More information coming soon.  Stay tuned.

And fair warning:  The shark attack is on the first page.  Enter the water at your own risk…


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