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Turn Again by Kris Farmen is out!

Big news:  Kris Farmen’s new novel, Turn Again, is out in the world!  Published by VP&D, it is currently available in print and electronic editions.  Here’s the back cover copy:

“I was told you were a magic man.”

In October of 1894, the anthropologist Rebecca Ashford arrives in Kodiak, Alaska to interview a Russian prisoner with an American name and an Athabascan Indian past.  Aleksandr Campbell has been sentenced to hang for a double murder, killings that took place in his homeland far to the north on the Kenai Peninsula—a little-known part of the territory where Russian is the common language and the handful of resident Americans are foreigners in a strange land.  His tale, recorded in her notes as he waits for the gallows, spans years and miles of wilderness and clashing cultures.  It is a story of young love and of old magic that is rapidly draining out of the country with the coming of the gold rush.  It is a story of being Alaskan at a time when Alaska barely existed.

“Kris Farmen’s Turn Again is a spellbinding masterpiece. A powerful epic with unforgettable characters, rich Alaskan history and culture, and an authentic glimpse at a time when humanity was forsaken in the name of progress. Farmen has crafted a haunting tale of mythical transformation and lost love. There is much to be learned from this modern parable.”

            —Don Rearden, author of the critically acclaimed novel, The Raven’s Gift


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